Lesson prices:

Many learner students and their parents assume that all Driving Schools and Driving Instructors are the same! After all, they are qualified and trained to prepare you to pass your driving test. However, not all Driving Instructors are qualified. It’s been a long-standing issue within the driving school industry that ‘trainee’ instructors are allowed by law to provide lessons at the same lesson rate as fully qualified instructors! Personally, I think this practice is very wrong and many driving schools do not mention this when students are booking their lessons. To find out if your instructor is fully qualified you can ask at the time of booking and check their operating licence that should be in the front window of the tuition vehicle. A pink licence indicates a trainee that is yet to pass their qualifying exam and a green licence for a fully qualified instructor.

Let’s assume that your instructor is fully qualified. Instructors vary enormously in the way they teach the syllabus and the quality of their teaching. They also vary in customer skills when it comes to their patients and friendliness. It is quite disturbing that around 30% of all learner drivers feel the need to change their driving instructor before reaching test standard because of incompatibility issues or the lack of student progress. Many instructors work as sole operators and have no requirement for ongoing training. In fact, many independent instructors never take any further training from the day that they qualified. Very few driving schools monitor their driving instructor’s performance and provide ongoing training to ensure they keep up to date with modern teaching methods.

Our lesson prices:

Individual lessons; £40 per hour.

Ten hour blocks; £380

I suggest that if possible, you purchase a block of ten hours to benefit from the £20 discount. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your instructor and your tuition, I will make a refund and any unused lessons purchased will also be refunded.